Work+Life X is a two day experience for those looking to challenge, change, re-imagine or sink further into a more conscious work-life for themselves or their people. 

You might be a:


X Business owner
X Solo entrepreneur
X Large or small
company employee
X Wellbeing officer

X HR person
X Business leader
X People & culture leader
X Employee experience type
X Team leader


Or just someone interested in what your work-life experience could look like.

Are you seeking...

  • Greater flow between your working and personal life?

  • To achieve or challenge the notion of work-life balance and explore the alternatives?

  • Wellbeing for you, your family or perhaps your employees and those around you in the workplace?

  • Inspiration and examples of how real people and companies are changing in the modern working world?

  • To better manage your energy in work and life?

  • To create a working-life on your terms?

  • A better quality of life?

  • To set better boundaries?

  • To flourish in both your personal and professional life?

  • To create better employee experiences or company culture?

Then join us for two inspiring days on August 10th and 11th.


We live in a world where every day - as leaders, business owners, employees and people - we are asked to bring more and more of ourselves to work. The idea of work-life balance, with work on one side and life on the other, no longer fits the modern working paradigm. 

We created Work+Life X for people like you.

People who face the challenges this 'balance' brings every day and can see see how it's becoming increasingly important to find a more harmonious and flowing relationship between who we are, what we do and how we live. 

Wellbeing, creativity, family, meaning, health, hobbies, money, relationships, time, technology, rest, passion, energy.

How do we make it all hum together? How can we make it hum for the people in our organisations?

What our work-life looks like has never been more open to interpretation.

We live in a time where we can carve a new path, challenge norms and create what has never been created before. 

At Work+Life X you will hear inspiring stories and practical insights from individuals and organisations who are doing just this - challenging the paradigm and creating a work-life that suits modern life.

These are the people shaping the working world of tomorrow through how they live and lead today.

Will you join them?


How many Kates does it take to organise a conference?

Work+Life X is a collaboration between Kate Cashman (Hobart) and Kate McCready (Melbourne).

Both passionate coaches and educators working in the space where work, life and self meet, Kate and Kate are obsessed with this tricky intersection and how we can manage it better as individuals and organisations. 

It all started in early 2018 when the pair decided they'd love to work together - similar conversations around the need for a shift in energy around work and life outside of work led to Skype conversations and in-person catch ups. During one of these calls one Kate said to the other "what about we get amazing people together in a room for a conference?" The other Kate responded "I was thinking a conference too!!"

*Simultaneous squeals* and Work+Life X was born. 

To read more about the Kates, click their profiles below or visit their websites: &