Ben Perez


Ben Perez

Director - Experience Management @ Asia Pacific Advisory at EY

COMMUNITY: Creating Social Capital in Work & Life

Communities thrive on the trust, goodwill and reciprocity of members sharing their unique gifts with each other.  But does this sound like your community, or your workplace?

This social capital that exists in communities is often an under-realised source of value creation for individuals and organisations.  As our lives continue to migrate online and workplaces become less well defined by traditional employer-employee relationships, community becomes an even more important vehicle for making us feel connected – both to our true selves and to each other.  This talk will share some insight about the role of community in your life, how a sense of community can be valuable in a workplace, and principles to help you consciously design a community through a focus on social capital.


Ben Perez is a director at EY and the Experience Management leader for their Advisory business in Asia.  He’s passionate about helping people find more joy and meaning in their work, and connecting as many people as possible with experiences that can enrich their lives and careers. Lucky then that’s exactly what EY asks him to do!

“I have a Masters in Finance and am finishing a Masters in Design Strategy and Innovation.  So really not your classical background for someone in HR related work.  But perhaps that’s my biggest strength, to be challenging what’s in front of you and seeing every experience as having the possibility of being meaningful.  And when you do that you’re far more likely to navigate to the core of what you want to commit your life to.”

Ben believes that companies can do so much more to develop people through the experiences they have each and every day, and when business or individuals more consciously design the experiences they have then really special things can happen.

Ben works across Asia and is part of the global Talent executive for Advisory, meaning he spends most of his time thinking about how to create connection, drive engagement and spark behaviour change for a large, diverse and globally distributed workforce. 

Ben will talk about the important role of community in both life and work.  He’s recently taken his work around belonging to heart, making a sea change to a community that helps him feel more connected. 

Ben’s also a Richmond Tigers tragic, dog-Father, passionate foodie and traveller.


LinkedIn: /benperezau