Emmy-Lou Hamley

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Emmy-Lou Hamley

Health Innovation and Mental Health Specialist @ PwC

FAMILY DESIGN: Human-Centred Life

This playfully serious dialogue with real-life married people, Emmy-Lou and Ben, will introduce you to the idea of Family Design (no, not the eugenics and designer babies kind). In conversation (with you, and each other), Emmy-Lou and Ben will recount their  experience of starting a family and how they’ve dealt with the surprising realisation that one of the oldest and most common forms of human organisation ‘just kind of happens’.

They’ll talk about what they’ve learnt from joint careers in strategy / service design that can be transferred to your personal life, and also how not to be a totally insufferable design thinking weirdo about it all, too. 

Emmy-Lou will be speaking together with Ben Hamley.


Emmy-Lou is a Health Innovation and Strategy specialist at PwC's Experience Centre. Emmy-lou has deep clinical expertise as a mental health clinician, with a focus on developmental psychology and family therapy. 

Her clinical expertise, combined with her experience in service design and consulting, gives her a unique perspective on the future of human experience in healthcare and business, and how to use design for wellbeing. 

Twitter: @ellymooq
LinkedIn: /emmylouhamley