Dr. Gary Veale


Dr. Gary Veale

Founder Geri & The Nature of | Honorary Senior Fellow (Uni. Melb)


"The brain is absolutely influenced by nature... it is no longer an option to write off the philosophers and poets as merely romantic dreamers. Our perception of stress, our mental state, our immunity, our happiness, and our resiliency are all chemically influenced by the nervous system and its response to the natural environment” Selhub and Logan, 2012

In this session, one of Australia’s leading experts on the nature of work helps make sense of this reality - and its implications in an increasingly urbanised, technologically mediated world.  


Gary’s an Honorary Senior Fellow at the University of Melbourne (School of Ecosystem & Forestry Science), founder of The Nature of, and a former Director with KPMG.His PhD and research is focused on the role of nature in unlocking human potential, the realities of people’s everyday nature experiences, new frameworks for making sense of the human relationship with nature, and corporate nature responses. This focus builds on 25 years experience working with leading advisory firms and in industry, often at the forefront of issues relating to sustainability, people development, innovation, growth, research and investment. 

His story includes dog sledding in remote Alaska, spending 8 years as a volunteer guide at Melbourne Zoo, and starting his career with a helicopter manufacturer in the UK and ski resort operator in Canada.

Gary’s fascinated by the realities of people’s everyday nature experiences, and how these are changing in an increasingly urbanised, technologically mediated world. At a time when the profound influence of nature on human decisions, desires and wellbeing is increasingly recognised, Gary will be inviting us to explore how nature may help hold the key to unlocking our human potential and being more grounded in our working and personal lives.  

Website: www.garyveale.com &
LinkedIn: /garyveale