Lukis Mac

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Lukis Mac

Artist, Breathwork Practitioner & Cofounder @ O2 Awakening


In these times of rapid global change, we’re collectively being called to rethink current systems, break old paradigms and evolve the way we show up in the world.

We’re craving deeper connection to the work we do - we want to feel emotionally fulfilled, safe to be ourselves and confident about the contribution we're making.

Our clients and customers are more intuitive and discerning than ever - they want to know who we are, what we stand for and how we’re contributing to a better world.

The boundaries between who we are in our private lives and at work are dissolving and the level of inner work we're willing to do to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually is directly affecting our ability to relate, create, share and ultimately succeed.

In this session Hellè Weston and Lukis Mac will share their journey to create success from the inside-out and offer practical tools for conscious leaders and changemakers to begin to do the same. 

Lukis will be speaking together with Helle Weston. 

Lukis Mac is an Artist, Breathwork Practitioner and Co-Founder of The O2 Awakening - a Breathwork method that guides ndividuals into an altered state of consciousness o enhance physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

is deep work supports individuals to release trauma and suppressed emotions so they can rediscover their inner power.

Originally from New Zealand, Lukis now travels full-time leading live group  events and working privately with clients around the world.

Instagram: @lukismac