Marissa Senzaki

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Marissa Senzaki

Founder @ ElevateEQ | Former Senior Recruiter @Slack

HUMANISING WORK: Why the Future is More About EQ than AI

It’s long been known that AI will change markets and workforces. Success is evolving from being more than just “good on paper.” Lists of hard skills on a CV, or a company website highlighting fancy perks are no longer enough to give us certainty into investing in new career partnerships. So what does the future of work look like and what skills do we need to get there? Hint - It's not always about the robots taking our jobs. 

In this intimate talk, Marissa shares her personal journey as an HR leader, with more than a decade of experience from San Francisco to Australia. Silicon Valley was once at the forefront of company culture but has recently come under scrutiny for lack of diversity and toxic work environments. How can people, collectively, foster inclusive spaces to bring our personal selves to our work?

Marissa Senzaki has over a decade of experience in recruiting for some of the world's most well-known tech companies, such as Facebook, Skype, and Slack. As Slack’s first HR hire, she helped to see the company grow from under 50 to well over 850 in less than 3 years.

Since relocating to Australia, she has spoken at various conferences such as Future Assembly, Myriad, and Pivot Summit, and was recognised by Business Insider in 2016 in their first ever “Top 100 Coolest People in Australian Tech” list. As a former advisor for global non-profit Girls in Tech, she helped to establish Australia’s first chapter and led the mentorship program.

Marissa’s passion for educating leadership on the importance of a culture and people-first company led to her creation of ElevateEQ, a consulting service that works with startup founders and thought leaders to design and implement the human side of their business. She hopes to use her experiences from Silicon Valley as a lesson to encourage Australians to create a more mindful and inclusive workplace.

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