Michael Ellis

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Michael Ellis

Head of Culture @ Vino Mofo


A story about doing work you love and stumbling on your purpose along the way

There's a lot of talk, books, podcasts, videos, Insta quotes and coaches emphatically inspiring us to 'find your purpose', and for companies to align to their mission and purpose. But what if you don't know what yours is? What if you don't have a purpose? Is there one thing we're meant to be doing and we just don't know it yet? What should I do in the meantime? So many questions, so much pressure! I'll be sharing my experience of grappling with these big questions over the past 20 years, what I've learned as a result, how I came to be doing work I truly love and how you can too, regardless of what your purpose is or whether you have one.


Michael is the Head of Culture at Vinomofo, one of Australia’s fastest-growing companies and a leader in innovation, disruption and values-based company culture.

Michael wants to live in a world where companies engage and empower people to express their unique talents, strengths and creativity as they work together to do great things. He believes companies, regardless of size, have a unique opportunity to teach and promote self-awareness and empathy, and in doing so contribute positively to society beyond the workplace.

Previous roles have included; Family Business Owner, International Expedition Leader, Lonely Planet Author, Primary School Teacher, Wine Writer and Educator, Personal Development Coach, and currently Head of Culture at Vinomofo. Michael is fascinated by human behaviour and is committed to helping companies identify and bring out the best in their people.

A quick scroll through Instagram would suggest he has a rather unhealthy obsession with Jamon Iberico and Pinot Noir and egg yolks.

Vinomofo Awards include:

Great Places to Work List, Best Staff Engagement at the BRW Mid-Market Business Awards 2014 and Best Employer and Best Business at the My Business Awards 2014.

Website: www.vinomofo.com/about
Instagram: @mikey.ellis
Twitter: @mikeyellis13
LinkedIn: /michael-ellis-b02b7826