Dr. Polly McGee

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Dr Polly McGee

Author, Digital Strategist & Good Hustler @ Polly McGee


Spirituality and business are not separate. Using yogic practice and Buddhist philosophy as the DNA of your venture from ideation to MVP creates a powerful union for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs alike.

Join Dr. Polly McGee, author, yogi and startup strategist as she mashes up the path to enlightenment with the lean startup to make a good hustle AF business methodology to build sustainable businesses in service to all sentient beings.


Dr Polly McGee is an author, entrepreneur educator, digital strategist and yogi. She has managed multimillion dollar innovation grants programs and worked with hundreds of start-ups to refine their business ideas and connect with their market. 

Voted one of the most influential people in Australian Start-ups, Polly has merged her entrepreneurial and yogic philosophy practice to create a blueprint for heart-centred businesses to sustainably scale their impact. Polly is strongly committed to compassion, selfless service, yoga, meditation and patting retired greyhounds. Her latest book, The Good Hustle, is available now.

You can find her at www.pollymcgee.com

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