Shyam Barr

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Shyam Barr

Learning & Education Consultant & Coach

MASTERING THE ART OF REFLECTION: Tools to Thrive in a Changing World

In an increasingly complex world, many of us are running on ‘auto-pilot’, allowing our sub-conscious beliefs to dictate our behaviour. Whether it be in our personal or professional lives, reflection (i.e. the act of engaging in reflective practice) enables us to bring what exists in our subconscious brain into a conscious realm - Here, we can take control of our beliefs and determine how they influence our behaviour. With an aim of equipping you with the necessary understanding and tools, this session considers what reflective practice is, why it is so important, how it varies, and most importantly, how you can begin to integrate reflective practice into your own life.


Shyam Barr is an Australian educator who is driven to help people become better learners. He believes that our ability to learn underpins our success. If people have greater knowledge and awareness of themselves as learners, then they are well-equipped to achieve peak performance in a rapidly changing world.

His pursuit of this mission has seen him work in all kinds of teaching, leadership and consultancy roles in Australia, United Kingdom, the Cook Islands and Bolivia. As a Consultant, Coach and Speaker, he unpacks topics of motivational science, metacognition, belief-change, and adaptive leadership to support individuals to develop as reflective practitioners.

“With greater awareness of the inner workings of our mind, we can begin to make better choices that lead to greater achievement”

As an avid learner himself, he is also completing a Ph.D. investigating the motivational, cognitive and metacognitive factors that influence the learning mindset of an individual. Together with completing his research, he teaches in the Master of Education (Cognitive Psychology and Educational Practice) at Flinders University.

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